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The first interviews for Limo Ride took place in December of 2010. Tomorrow the result of all the work from then until now will be released into the world. (God help us all.) So many of you reading this gave us your time, money, energy, sleeping hours, trust, and (in some cases) your bare cold body. Tomorrow is a big moment for all of us.

While we hate to ask more, there is one last, very important, thing we request: please rate and/or review our film on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon and iTunes. It only takes a few minutes to create accounts and get through this list. You can do this right now using the following this:
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Having a large set of, hopefully positive, ratings and reviews will favor the ranking of our film when it is listed on Amazon and iTunes. Having a higher ranking means more people will notice and watch our film. We want to see our film in the Top 20 of video releases in the categories for Comedy, Documentary, and Independent.

It must also be said that this is not just a marketing effort. As independent filmmakers, we want to know what you think. Your opinion is valuable to us.

In other news, we wanted to recap some of the coverage we've gotten this week. For MovieMaker Magazine, Gideon writes a breakdown of the lessons learned from making documentary and narrative films. SlackJaw Punks and Story Punch podcasts interviewed us about Limo Ride. We'd love it if you could share with your friends.

Hang on, we're about to punch the gas.